The Liturgical Year — Paschal Time from Easter to the Sunday After Easter (Quasimodo Sunday)

Prior Period Current Period Subsequent Period
Liturgical Year — Passiontide And Holy Week Liturgical Year — Paschal Time from Easter to the Sunday After Easter (Quasimodo or Low Sunday) Liturgical Year — Paschal Time from Monday of the 2nd week after Easter until Saturday of the 5th week after Easter
Multiple Instances of Some Days are Present in Adjoining Periods
Preface iii
Chapter I — The History of Paschal Time 1
Chapter II— The Mystery of Paschal Time 15
Chapter III — Practice during Paschal Time 22
Chapter IV — Morning and Night Prayers for Paschal Time 29
Chapter V — On hearing Mass, during Paschal Time 46
Chapter VI — On Holy Communion, during Paschal Time 83
Chapter VII— Of the Office of Vespers for Sundays and Feasts, during Paschal Time 91
Chapter VIII — Of the Office of Compline, during Paschal Time 102
Morning  113
The Office of Matins 125
Lauds 143
Mass  156
Afternoon 174
The Easter Vespers 178
Evening 192
Easter Monday 201
Mass 208
Vespers 217
Easter Tuesday  223
Mass 227
Vespers 235
Wednesday in Easter Week  243
Mass 246
Blessing of the Agnus Dei  256
Thursday in Easter Week  266
Mass 274
Friday in Easter Week 289
Mass 295
Saturday in Easter Week  308
Mass 316
The taking off of the white garments  324
Quasimodo or Low Sunday  333
Mass 339
Vespers 346
The Annunciation of the Ever Blessed Virgin 350
First Vespers 350
Mass 357
Second Vespers 366

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