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Mnemonic poetry, verse for memorization, is an indispensable aid in catechesis. When all effective education came under a focused, purposefully destructive, anti-intellectual, secular-humanist attack in the 1880s, by design in the foundational planning of compulsory universal schooling: Memorization was one of the first targets, falsely identified with “cant”, the salutary memorization of the corpus of voluminous didactic instructional content, including the grammar of the Faith, essential information destructively impugned as “mindless repetition”. Whereas, in truth it was the enemies of education who were trying to destroy real learning, by breaking natural-logical connections within the integral coherence of knowledge. See The Crusade Against Knowledge–The Campaign Against Memory. All important pedagogy is naturally allied to verse. (John Senior asserted that, prior to 250 years ago, most education was rendered in verse.) Therefore it is highly appropriate to use poetry, including that supported by music, as a standard foundation for catechesis.
Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima

Bishop Athanasius Schneider:
4 Foundations of Catechesis

All the doctrines of salvation can be reduced to these four texts:
The Apostles’ Creed The Sacraments
The Ten Commandments, and The Lord’s Prayer


Act of Faith
The Seven Sacraments
Act of Hope
The Beatitudes
Act of Charity
Act of Contrition
Ten Commandments & Six Precepts
The Seven Deadly Sins
& The Four Last Things
The Creeds
Marian Apologetics
Guardian Angel

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