The Gods of Atheism by Rev. Fr. Vincent P. Miceli, SJ

The Gods of Atheism by Fr. Vincent P. Maceli SJ
PART I: Gods as
Adventures of the Mind
I. Mystery of Atheism 1
II. Feuerbach: Humanity Becomes God 20
III. Nietzsche: God Becomes Superman 42
IV. Marx: Cosmic Classless Society Becomes God 92
V. Comte: Social Humanity as God 142
Part II: Gods as
Passions of the Heart
VI. Camus: The God of Absurdity 187
VII. Sarte: The Changing of His Gods 216
VIII. Heidegger: Waiting for the New God 247
IX. Merleau-Ponty: Man, the God of Meaning and Liberty 276
X. Bonhoeffer: The God of the Saeculum 308
Part III: Gods as Myths of
the Modern Mentality
XI. Bultmann: The Demythologized God 329
XII. Tillich: The God of Contemporaneity 348
XIII. Robinson: The Depersonalized God 363
XIV. Cox: The Delphic God of the Secular City 373
Part IV: Gods as
Victims of Man
XV. Vahanian: God’s Cultural Pallbearer 385
XVI. Altizer: Mortician of a Mystic God 398
XVII. Hamilton: Orestean Assassin of God 414
XVIII. Van Buren: Annihilator of a Linguistic Deity 428
XIX. The Idolatrous Heart of Godless Humanism 446

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