Works of Saint John of the Cross, Volume 2

Of the Second Volume
Spiritual Canticle Between the Soul and Christ
Prologue 1
Dialogue Between the Soul and Christ 4
Argument 12
Explanation of the Stanzas
Introduction 12
Stanza I.
God Essentially Hidden — the Only Begotten Son — the Hidden Treasure — the Peaceful Pain of Hope 13
Stanza II.
Messengers of the Wounded Soul — the Message of Love 25
Stanza III.
The Search After God Commenced— Flowers by the Roadside — Meeting the Enemy 29
Stanza IV.
The Universe Questioned about God 34
Stanza V.
The Answer of Creatures 36
Stanza VI.
The Creature Excites Love for the Creator 39
Stanza VII.
God the Desired Message and Messenger — Testimony of Rational Creatures 41
Stanza VIII.
Death in the Quiver of Life 45
Stanza IX.
Complaint of the Wounded Soul — Love the Reward of Love 47
Stanza X.
The Soul Satisfied by God Alone — the Uncreated Light 52
Stanza XI.
The Soul Asks to See God and Die — Man Cannot See God and Live — Death the Friend — the Cure of Imperfect Love 55
Stanza XIII.
The Crystal Fount of Faith Reflects the Face of God — Love Begets Likeness and Union 62
Stanza XIII.
Dark Approach to Divine Light — Glance of the Divine Eyes — Voice of the Beloved 67
Stanza XIV.
Song of the Bride-Soul — God the Undiscovered Country — His Voice Upon the Waters — the Gentle Air and the Night Vision 74
Stanza XV.
Calm Morning Twilight — Universal Hymn of Praise to God — Spiritual Banquet of Love 85
Stanza XVI.
Foxes in the Vineyard — the Nosegay of Roses — Solitude of the Heart 91
Stanza XVII.
The Suffering of Love — North and South Winds — Breath of the Sweet-Smelling Flowers 96
Stanza XVIII.
The Soul Rebukes the Rebellious Motions of the Flesh — the Royal Captive in Prison — Loiterers at the Gate of the City 102
Stanza XIX.
Sunlight on the Mountains — the Soul Asks for Purely Spiritual Communication with God 105
Stanza XX.
The Bridegroom Guards His Bride — the Soul Restored to Justice by Christ — God a Joy for Ever 109
Stanza XXI.
The Reign of Everlasting Peace 116
Stanza XXII.
Rejoicing of the Good Shepherd over His Recovered Sheep— from Penance to Perfection — the Spiritual Marriage  118
Stanza XXIII.
The Trees of Paradise and of Calvary — the Cross Our Second Mother 123
Stanza XXIV.
Bliss of the State of Perfect Union with God — Perfume Shed by Divine Flowers — Virtues a Crown and Defence 126
Stanza XXV.
The Soul Gives Thanks for Graces Bestowed on Others — Running in the Way of Life — New and Old Wine — the Old Friend of God 132
Stanza XXVI.
Happy State of the Soul in Divine Love — Perfect Fear, Perfect Love — We May Know Little and Love Much — Wisdom and Folly — the Shepherd Loses His Flock 138
Stanza XXVII.
The Communion of God and the Soul in Love — Mutual and Unreserved Surrender — Perfect Fulfilment of the Law of Love 147
Stanza XXVIII.
The Soul Centered on Love Its Sole Occupation — God, and Nothing Else 151
Stanza XXIX.
Love Highest in Importance and Profit — Loss and Gain of the Soul — the Better Part — Mary and Martha 156
Stanza XXX.
First Flowers of Spring Sweetest — the Delight of the Bride-Soul and Christ in the Possession of the Virtues and Gifts of Each Other — Christ Crowned by His Saints — Beauty and Strength of the Perfect Soul 160
Stanza XXXI.
God Captive to Pure Strong Love — the Thread of Love Binding Together God and the Soul — Power of Trust in God 167
Stanza XXXII.
Grace the Cause of Merit— the Soul Refers All to God , and Gives Thanks to Him for His Mercy in Looking Lovingly Upon Her 170
Stanza XXXIII.
The Soul Prays for the Continuance of the Divine Spiritual Union — the Soul’s Beauty God’s Gift — God Honours His Own Work 175
Stanza XXXIV.
The Olive Branch of Peace — the Two Doves 179
Stanza XXXV.
The Dove’s Nest  182
Stanza XXXVI.
The Soul Ripe for Heaven — Beauty of God in the Soul — Infinite Depths of Divine Truth  186
Stanza XXXVII.
To Know God Is Eternal Life — Truth as It Is in Jesus — New Wine of the Pomegranates 191
Love for Love— Day of God’s Eternity — Victory and Crown 196
Stanza XXXIX.
Breath of Eternal Life — the Nightingale’s Song the Grove and Its Beauty— Blissful and Consuming Fire of God’s Love 202
Stanza XL.
Going Up by the Desert of Death — Encampment by the Waters of Life 210
The Living Flame of Love
Prologue 217
Stanzas 219
Stanza I.
Line I.
Book of the Soul in God — Fire Kindles Fire 219
Line II.
The Soul Wounded by Love 223
Line III.
God the Centre of the Soul 225
Line IV.
Divine Love Once Grievous, Now Sweet 227
Line V.
Gods Will the Soul’s Glory 229
Line VI.
Eternity Shines Through the Web of Life — Strong Love Makes a Short Life 231
Stanza II.
Line I.
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost —Health Greatest When Wound Deepest 235
Line II.
The Seraph S Dart of Fire— the Living Crucifix  239
Line III.
Substantial Touch Op God 241
Line IV.
Forbta8tb Op Bye Blasting Life 243
Line V.
Virtue Acquired by Suffering — the Cross the Way to God 244
Line VI.
Death Changed Into Life — Song of Everlasting Joy and Prai8e . 251
Stanza III.
Line I.
Many Lamps, One Flame — God Gives Himself to the Soul — Water of Wisdom the Fire of Love 252
Line II.
The Shadow of God 257
Line III.
Deep Caverns of Spiritual Sense — Heaven or Hell — Three Blind Guides of the Soul 261
Line IV.
Byes That See Not — Desires Effect Belief 289
Lines V. VI.
God Given to Himself — Beauty of the Soul in God  292
Stanza IV.
Lines I. II.
God Awake in the Soul — the Soul Awake in God— Esther Before Assuerus 296
Line III.
The Perfect Soul a Home for God 302
Lines IV. V. VI.
The Breathing of God in the Soul 304
Instructions and Cautions
In Regard to the World 307
In Regard to the Devil 311
In Regard to the Flesh 313
To Mother Catherine of Jesus 317
To the Religious of Teas 318
To Mother Eleonora Baptist 320
To Mother Anne of S. Albert . 321
To the Same Religious 321
To the Same 322
To F. Ambrose Mariano of S. Benedict 324
To a Young Lady 325
To a Spiritual Son in Religion   326
To Mother Leonora of S. Gabriel 330
To Mother Mary of Jesus 331
To Mother Magdalen of the Holy Ghost 333
To the Lady Joanna De Pedraça 334
To Mother Mary of Jesus 336
To Mother Anne of Jesus 337
To Mother Mary of the Incarnation 338
To Doña Ana de Peñalosa 339
Advice Given by S. John of the Cross Regarding the Spirit and Method of Prayer of One of the Nuns of His Order  341
Spiritual Maxims
Prologue 345
Imitation of Christ 346
The Theological Virtues — Faith 347
Hope and the Fear of God 350
Charity — Peace — Love of Our Neighbour 352
Disorderly Appetites 360
Prudence — the Angels — a Spiritual Director — Directions Regarding Prayer 364
Obedience 376
Fortitude and Patience 377
Modesty and Silence 379
Humility — Vanity 381
Voluntary Poverty — Avarice — Poverty of Spirit 384
Prayer of the Enamoured Soul 389
The Obscure Night of the Soul 393
A Spiritual Canticle Between the Soul and Christ  395
The Living Flame of Love 403
A Soul Longing for the Vision of God 404
Ecstasy of Contemplation 406
The Same Subject 409
God the Supreme Good 411
The Same Subject  412
Song of the Soul Rejoicing in the Knowledge of God by Faith . 415
Song of Christ and the Soul 417
The Most Holy Trinity 418
The Communication of the Three Persons 420
The Creation 422
The Same Subject 423
The Desires of the Holy Fathers 426
The Same Subject 428
The Incarnation 429
The Same Subject 431
The Nativity 432
Super Flumina Babylonis 433
Index to Passages from Holy Scripture 439
Index 465