The Key of Heaven, or, A Manual of Prayer (1870)

Morning Prayer 20
The Lord’s Prayer 23
The Angelical Salutation 23
The Apostles’ Creed 24
The Confiteor, or General Confession 24
A Prayer before the Acts 28
An Act of Contrition 29
An Act of Faith 29
An Act of Hope 30
An Act of Charity 31
A Devout Recommendation 32
A Prayer for Perseverance in Goodness 33
to your Angel Guardian 34
The Angehcs Domini 35
The Litany of the most holy Name of Jesu 37
Salve Regina 42
The Blessing 42
Grace before Meat 43
Grace after Meat 43
Devotions for every Day in the Week 45
Sunday — A Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity 46
Monday — A Prayer to the Holy Ghost 48
Tuesday — A Prayer to our Guardian Angel 50
Wednesday— A Prayer to St. Joseph 52
Thursday — A Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament 54
Friday — A Prayer to Jesus Suffering 56
Saturday — A Prayer to the Blessed Virgin 58
Prayers at Night 60
An Act of Contrition 65
A Prayer for the Dead 67
The Hymn — Te lucis ante terminum 68
Antiphon 68
The Prayer 69
The Litany of the Blessed Virgin 70
A Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary 75
A Prayer to your Guardian Angel 76
The Blessing 76
A Prayer before going to Sleep 77
The Seven Penitential Psalms 79
The Litany of the Saints 95
Devout Prayers which may be said after the Litanies, according to the Diversity of Times and Occasions 108
A Prayer for God’s holy Church 108
A Prayer for the Chief Bishop 109
A Prayer for all degrees of the Church 109
A Prayer in any Necessity 110
A Prayer against the Persecutors of the Church 110
A Prayer for the President of the United States 110
A Prayer for the Afflicted 111
A Prayer for Heretics and Schismatics 112
A Prayer for the unfaithful Jews 112
A Prayer for Pagans 113
A Prayer in time of War 113
A Prayer in time of Famine and Pestilence. 113
A Prayer for Rain 114
A Prayer for Fair Weather 114
A Prayer in any Tribulation 114
A Prayer for Remission of Sins 115
A Prayer against Temptations 115
A Prayer for such as are on a Journey 116
A Prayer for the Sick 116
A Prayer for the Living 117
A Prayer for our Friends 117
A Prayer to beg Grace of the Holy Ghost 118
A Prayer for our Enemies 120
A Prayer against wicked Thoughts 121
A Prayer for Charity 121
A Prayer for Patience 121
A Prayer for the Holy Catholic Church 122
A Prayer for special Friends 122
A Prayer for a friend in Tribulation 123
A Prayer for all those who are engaged in the Employment or Service of others 124
A Prayer for the Master and Mistress of a Family 126
A Prayer for Parents 128
A Prayer for Children under Parents’ care 130
A Prayer for Scholars before Study 131
A Prayer to be daily said by a Woman with Child 133
A Prayer for a Husband or Wife 136
A Prayer for Widows 138
A Prayer for those who lead a Single Life 140
A Prayer for the Rich 142
Prayers before Mass 144
Prayers at Mass 147
Devotions for Confession and Communion 186
Prayer before the Examination of Conscience 187
A Method of Examination of Conscience, according to the threefold Duty we owe :  1. To God; 2. To our Neighbor ; 3. To ourselves 189
An Examination for Confession 193
The Precepts of the Church 203
The Seven Deadly Sins 204
A Prayer for obtaining Contrition 207
Prayers before Confession 208
Aspirations before Confession 216
Rules for a Penitent at Confession 223
Prayers after Confession 226
Preparation for Communion 231
An Act of Faith 232
An Act of Hope 233
An Act of Charity 235
An Act of Desire 236
An Act of Thanksgiving 238
An Act of Fear 240
An Act of Humility 243
A Prayer before Receiving 245
Instructions before Communion 247
Instructions after Communion 249
Prayers after Communion 251
An Act of Praise and Adoration 253
An Act of Hope 255
An Act of Love 258
An Oblation 259
A Prayer for Perseverance 260
A Concluding Prayer after Communion 262
Devout Aspirations after Communion 263
The Rosary of the Blessed Name of Jesus 270
Fifteen Meditations on the Passion of our Saviour Jesus Christ 290
Litany of the Blessed Sacrament 300
Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus 309
Litany of the Sacred Heart 311
An Invitation, or the Devout Soul’s Repair to the Sacred Heart 315
Reparation of Honor to the Sacred Heart 317
Indulgences 321
Of a Jubilee 324
A Prayer for the whole State of Christ’s Church upon Earth 325
A Universal Prayer for all Things necessary to Salvation 333
Instructions and Devotions for the Sick 337
A Daily Prayer in Time of Sickness 340
Acts of the most necessary Virtues to be made in Time of Sickness 343
A Daily Preparation for Death 347
Litany for a Happy Death 350
The Litany for the Sick, and Preparation for Death 354
A Prayer before Receiving the Viaticum 360
An Act of Thanksgiving, after having received the Holy Communion, or Viaticum 364
A Prayer before Extreme Unction 366
A Prayer after Extreme Unction 368
Litany for a Soul Departing 371
Litany for the Dead 387
A Prayer upon the Day of a Person’s Decease or Burial 394
The Thirty Days’ Prayer to our Blessed Redeemer 396
The Thirty Days’ Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary 404
A devout Act of Contrition 412
Office of the Blessed Virgin 416
The Jesus Psalter 431
Prayer of the Agnus Dei 453
The Memorare, or Prayer of St. Bernard to the Blessed Virgin 454
The Stations, or Holy Way of the Cross 456
The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin 514
The Prayers of St. Bridget 546
Indulgenced Prayer 563
The Vespers, or Evening Song for Sundays (Latin and English) 564
The Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 598
A Prayer to St. Michael 606
Ejaculatory Prayers 608
The Short” Prayers at Mass 611