Life of Sister St. Rita of Cascia of the Order of St. Augustine – advocate of the impossible – model of maidens, wives, mothers, widows and nuns

Preface 9
I. Umbria, Cascia and Its Greatness 18
II. The Birthplace and Parents of St. Rita 18
III. St. Rita’s Birth 23
IV. The Early Years of St. Rita 27
V. St. Rita Begins to Lead a Life of Retirement, and Desires Ardently to Consecrate Her Virginity to God 31
VI. St. Rita Sacrifices Her Will on the Altar of Obedience and Consents to Enter the Marriage State 36
VII. St. Rita’s Marriage 40
VIII. St. Rita, by Her Humility and Patience, Converts Her Cruel Husband 44
IX. God Blesses the Marriage of St. Rita With Two Beautiful Children 48
X. The Virtues That St. Rita Practiced During Her Married Life 52
XI. Death of Ferdinando — Grief of St. Rita 57
XII. St. Rita Makes a Sacrifice of the Lives of Her Two Sons to God 61
XIII. The Penitential Life of St. Rita After the Death of Her Sons 64
XIV. St. Rita Applies for Admission into the Convent. Her Request is Denied 67
XV. St. Rita Enters the Maddalena Convent in a Miraculous Manner 71
XVI. St. Rita Distributes Her Temporal Goods Among the Poor and Receives the Augustinian Habit 76
XVII. St. Rita Makes Her Solemn Profession, She is Favored with a Mysterious Vision 81
XVIII. How St. Rita Observed the Vow of Obedience 84
XIX. The Evangelical Poverty St. Rita Professed and Practiced 89
XX. The Angelical Purity with which St. Rita Observed THE Vow of Chastity 95
XXI. Mortifications Practiced by St. Rita After She Became a Nun 97
XXII. St. Rita’s Admirable Progress in Virtue During Her Religious Life 101
XXIII. St. Rita’s Love for Prayer. The Wonderful Efficacy of Her Prayers 106
XXIV. St. Rita, Praying Before a Crucifix, Receives A Miraculous Wound on the Forehead 111
XXV. St. Rita’s Journey to Rome 116
XXVI. St. Rita’s Illness and the Signs that Attested Her Sanctity 122
XXVII. St. Rita’s Happy Death 127
XXVIII. Singular Events that Took Place Immediately After the Death of St. Rita 132
XXIX. The Worship with which St. Rita was Venerated After Her Death 137
XXX. The Privileges which the Body and Relics of St. Rita Enjoy 140
XXXI. Miracles that God Wrought Through the Intercession of St. Rita After Her Death 145
XXXII. The Solemn Beatification of St. Rita 152
XXXIII. Festivities Held at Rome and Cascia in Honor of the Solemn Beatification of St. Rita-. 156
XXXIV. Miracles Wrought by St. Rita After Her Beatification 161
XXXV. The Rapid Spread of Devotion to St. Rita 165
XXXVI. The Solemn Canonization of St. Rita 169
Conclusion 175

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