Hymns for the Release From Purgatory of the Holy Souls

Praying for the Dead in the Bible
Military Hymn, Exhortation to Pray for the Dead (Army-Navy Hymnal, 1921)
Hymn of Exhortation to Pray for Our Dead (Pray for The Dead! At Noon and Eve, St. Basil’s Hymnal, 1918)
Prayer to our Blessed Lord to Release Our Loved Ones from Purgatory (Help, Lord, the souls which Thou hast made, St. John-Henry Cardinal Newman)
Poem, Thy mercy, Lord, we humbly crave, For souls whom Thou didst die to save…
Chesterton Quote “Democracy of the Dead”
Prayer for Intercession to the Mother of Christ (O Turn to Jesus, Mother, Turn, Fr. Frederick W. Faber, 1849)
Short Story (Allegory of Purgatory), Leaf by Niggle (by J.R.R. Tolkien, Author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings)
Hymn Ye Souls of the Faithful (Fr. Edward Caswall), Addressing All Concerned Parties (The Deceased, The Holy Trinity, BVM, Saints, Friends of the Deceased)
Hymn (Recessional) Abjectly but Confidently Imploring the Just Judge for Release of the Suffering Souls (Unto Him, for whom this Day, Msgr. H.T. Henry)
Gregorian Plainchant, Languentibus in Purgatorio

Now when they that were with Gorgias had fought long & were wearie, Iudas called vpon the Lord that he would shew himselfe to be their helper, and leader of the battell. 37 And with that he beganne in his owne language, & sung Psalmes with a lowd voyce, & rushing vnawares vpon Gorgias men, he put them to flight.
38 So Iudas gathered his host, and came into the city of Odollam. And when the seuenth day came, they purified themselues (as the custome was) and kept the Sabbath in the same place. 39 And vpon the day following as the vse had bene, Iudas and his company came to take vp the bodies of them that were slaine, and to bury them with their kinsmen, in their fathers graues.
40 Now vnder the coats of euery one that was slaine, they found things consecrated to the idoles of the Iamnites, which is forbidden the Iewes by the Law. Then euery man saw that this was þe cause wherefore they were slaine. 41 All men therefore praising the Lord the righteous Iudge, who had opened the things that were hid,
42 Betooke themselues vnto praier, and besought him that the sinne committed, might wholy bee put out of remembrance. Besides, that noble Iudas exhorted the people to keep themselues from sinne, forsomuch as they saw before their eyes the things that came to passe, for the sinne of those þt were slaine.
43 And when he had made a gathering throughout the company, to the sum of two thousand drachmes of siluer, hee sent it to Ierusalem to offer a sinne offering, doing therein very well, and honestly, in that he was mindfull of the resurrection.
44 (For if he had not hoped that they that were slaine should haue risen againe, it had bin superfluous and vaine, to pray for the dead.)
45 And also in that he perceiued that there was great fauour layed vp for those that died godly. (It was an holy, and good thought) wherupon he made a reconciliation for the dead, that they might be deliuered from sinne.
Second Maccabees 12:36-45, The King James version (KJV), 1611

For other foundation can no man lay, then that is laide, which is Iesus Christ.
12 Now if any man build vpon this foundation, gold, siluer, preciousstones, wood, hay, stubble:
13 Euery mans worke shall be made manifest. For the day shall declare it, because it shall bee reuealed by fire, and the fire shall trie euery mans worke of what sort it is.
14 If any mans worke abide which he hath built thereupon, he shal receiue a reward.
15 If any mans worke shall bee burnt, he shall suffer losse: but he himselfe shall be saued: yet so, as by fire.
First Corinthians 3:11-15, KJV 1611

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M.S. Marr,
Sentinel of the Boy Scouts
I. Mueller
1. Pray for the dead,
all ye_ who_ mourn,
love ends not with_ the_ grave_;
In life perhaps,
they nee_-ded_ not,
but now your aid_ they_ crave_.
Un_-to_ all,
O Jesus blest,
Grant Thine own e-
ternal rest.
Pray for the dead,
all ye_ who_ weep,
tears will not set_ them_ free_;
nor comfort them,
in their_ dis_-tress,
until God’s face_ they_ see.
Pray for the dead,
all ye_ who_ hope,
the joy of hea_-ven to_ gain_;
and you may seek,
their aid and_ lo!,
you will not seek_ in_ vain_.

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Pray for The Dead! At Noon and Eve
M.S. Marr, Sentinel of the Boy Scouts Anonymous
Pray for the dead! at noon and eve,
Lift up to God thy fond request,
Implore His goodness to relieve
The suff’ring souls and grant them rest.
1. Pray for the dead! though faithful they,
Yet while_ the pe_-nal-ties remain,
Must suff_-‘ring purge the debt a_-way,
And penance cleanse the sinful stain.
2. Pray for the dead! thy pray’rs, though weak,
May yet be_ heard and_ bring them ease,
For God_ will hear thy sigh, if_ meek,
Thy tears if offered up for peace.
Pray for the dead! in holy fear,
Pray that their_ stains may_ be forgiv’n,
That thou thy_-self may leave the_ bier,
To enter pure at once in heav’n.

The lyrics to The Holy Souls hymn, Help, Lord, the souls which Thou hast made, below, were authored by
the text author of Sir Edward Elgar’s purgatorial oratorio, The Dream of Gerontius,
St. John Henry Cardinal Newman

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The Holy Souls
(Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine)
St. John-Henry Cardinal Newman Samuel Webbe, Jr.
1. Help, Lord, the souls which Thou hast made,
The souls to Thee so dear,
In prison for the debt unpaid
Of sins committed here.
2. Those holy souls, they suffer on,
Resigned in heart and will,
Until Thy high behest is done,
And justice has its fill.
3. For daily falls, for pardoned crime,
They joy to undergo,
The shadow of Thy cross sublime,
The remnant of Thy woe.
4. Oh, by their patience of delay,
Their hope amid their pain,
Their sacred zeal to burn away,
Disfigurement and stain;
5. Oh, by their fire of love, not less
In keenness than the flame,
Oh, by their very helplessness,
Oh, by Thy own great Name,
6. Good Jesus, help! sweet Jesus, aid
The souls to Thee most dear,
In prison for the debt unpaid,
Of sins committed here. Amen.

Thy mercy, Lord, we humbly crave
For souls whom Thou didst die to save.
Suffering amidst the cleansing fire,
To see Thy face they yet aspire.
Grant them, O Lord, a swift release,
And bring them where all pain shall cease.

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O Turn to Jesus, Mother, Turn
Fr. Frederick W. Faber, 1849 Nicola A. Montani
1. O turn to Jesus, Mother! turn,
And call Him by His tenderest names;
Pray for the Holy Souls that burn
This hour amid the cleansing flames.
2. Ah! they have fought a gallant fight;
In death’s cold arms they persevered;
And after life’s uncheery night
The harbour of their rest is neared.
3. In pains beyond all earthly pains,
Favourites of Jesus! there they lie,
Letting the fire wear out their stains,
And worshipping God’s purity.
4. Spouses of Christ they are, for He
Was wedded to them by His blood;
And angels o’er their destiny
In wondering adoration brood.
5. They are the children of thy tears;
Then hasten, Mother! to their aid;
In pity think each hour appears
An age while glory is delayed.
6. See, how they bound amid their fires,
While pain and love their spirits fill;
Then with self-crucified desires
Utter sweet murmurs, and lie still.
7. Ah me! the love of Jesus yearns
O’er that abyss of sacred pain,
And as He looks His Bosom burns
With Calvary’s dear thirst again.
8. O Mary! let thy Son no more
His lingering Spouses thus expect;
God’s children to their God restore,
And to the Spirit His elect.
9. Pray then, as thou hast ever prayed;
Angels and Souls, all look to thee;
God waits thy prayers, for He hath made
Those prayers His law of charity.

J.R.R. Tolkien, Leaf by Niggle

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Ye Souls of the Faithful
(O vos fideles animae)
Fr. Edward Caswall Nicola A. Montani
1. Ye souls of the faithful! who sleep in the Lord;
But as yet are shut out, from your final reward!
Oh! would I could lend you, assistance to fly;
From your prison below, to your palace on high.
2. O Father of mercies! Thine anger withhold;
These works of Thy hand in Thy mercy behold;
Too oft from Thy path, they have wandered aside:
But Thee, their Creator, they never denied.
3. O tender Redeemer! Their misery see;
Deliver the souls that were ransomed by Thee;
Behold how they love Thee, despite of their pain:
Restore them, restore them to favour again.
4. O Spirit of grace! O Consoler divine!
See how for Thy presence they longingly pine;
Ah, then, to enliven their sadness, descend;
And fill them with peace, and with joy in the end.
5. O Mother of mercy! Dear soother in grief!
Lend thou to their torments, a balmy relief;
Temper the rigour of justice severe;
And soften their flames with a pitying tear.
6. Ye patrons who watched o’er their safety below,
Oh ! think how they need your fidelity now ;
And stir all the angels and saints of the sky,
To plead for the souls that upon you rely.
7. Ye friends who, once sharing, their pleasures and pain,
Now haply already, in Paradise reign,
Oh ! comfort their hearts with a whisper of love,
And call them to share in your pleasures above.
8. O Fountain of Goodness, accept our sighs;
Let Thy mercy bestow, what Thy justice denies;
So may Thy poor captives, released from their woes,
Thy praise proclaim, while eternity flows.
9. All ye who would honour the Saints and their Head,
Remember, remember, to pray for the dead;
And they, in return, from their misery freed,
To you will be friends in, the hour of need.

Eternal rest give unto all the faithful departed, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

“Tradition means giving a vote to most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. All democrats object to men being disqualified by the accident of birth; tradition objects to their being disqualified by the accident of death. Democracy tells us not to neglect a good man’s opinion, even if he is our groom; tradition asks us not to neglect a good man’s opinion, even if he is our father.” G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, “The Ethics of Elfland”

A Spiritual Mercy with Great Potential to Benefit the Body of Christ.
Those Released Through Our Prayers Become Powerful Heavenly Advocates.

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Unto Him, for whom this Day
Right Reverend Msgr. H.T. Henry Nicola A. Montani
1. Unto him, for whom, this day;
Juste judex ultionis
We in love and pity pray;
Donum fac remissionis.
Pie Jesu Domine,
Dona ei requiem.
Pie Jesu Domine,
Dona ei requiem.
2. When at Judgement he shall stand,
Rex tremendae majestatis,
Grant him what Thy love hath planned,
Qui salvandos salvas gratis.
3. He hath fought the gallant fight
Inter oves locum praesta,
Lead Him on to Heaven’s light
Statuens in parte dextra.

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Maria Simma, 1915-2006, Received visits from Holy Souls, approved by her spiritual director

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