The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

Approbation 2
Invocation 13
Introduction 17
Reflections and Affections on the Passion of Jesus Christ.
I. The love of Jesus Christ in being willing to satisfy the divine justice for our sins 23
II. Jesus chose to suffer so much for us in order that we might understand the great love he has for us 32
III. Jesus, for love of us, chose to suffer the pains of his Passion even from the beginning of his life 41
IV. The great desire which Jesus had to suffer and to die for love of us 46
V. The love of Jesus in leaving himself for our food before his death 52
VI. The bloody sweat and agony suffered by Jesus in the garden 62
VII. The love of Jesus in suffering so much contempt in his Passion 69
VIII. The scourging of Jesus Christ 80
IX. The crowning with thorns 89
X. “Ecce Homo” — “Behold the Man” 95
XI. The condemnation of Jesus Christ and his journey to Calvary 101
XII. The crucifixion of Jesus 110
XIII. The last words of Jesus upon his cross, and his death 120
XIV. The hope which we have in the death of Jesus Christ 129
XV. The love of the Eternal Father in having given us his Son 142
XVI. The love of the Son of God in having willed to die for us 149
Simple Exposition of the Circumstances of the Passion of Jesus Christ. According to the Narration of the Holy Evangelists. With some Reflections and Affections.
Introduction 159
I. Jesus enters Jerusalem 164
II. The Council of the Jews and the treachery of Judas 167
III. The last supper of Jesus with his disciples. The washing of the feet 169
IV. The institution of the Most Blessed Sacrament 171
V. Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Olives 174
VI. Jesus is taken and bound. Flight of the disciples 177
VII. Jesus is presented to the high priests, and is condemned by them to death 179
VIII. Jesus is brought before Pilate, afterwards before Herod. Barabbas is preferred to him 184
IX. Jesus is scourged at the pillar 188
X. Jesus is crowned with thorns and treated as a mock king. 192
XI. Pilate shows Jesus to the people, saying, “Behold the man!” 194
XII. Jesus is condemned by Pilate 198
XIII. Jesus carries the cross to Calvary 200
XIV. Jesus is crucified 204
XV. Words that Jesus spoke on the cross 209
XVI. Death of Jesus 214
Considerations on the Passion of Jesus Christ.
Introduction 221
I. The Passion of Jesus Christ in general 225
Necessity of a Redeemer, and his qualities. The Incarnation of the Word, his life. Error of the Jews. Prophecies, 225
Figures of the Old Testament Other prophecies. Thanks due to the Father and to the Son 229
The death of Jesus Christ is our salvation. It is an instruction and an example; it is a motive of confidence and of love 234
II. The separate sufferings that Jesus Christ endured at his death 239
Prophecy of Isaias. Abasement of the Promised Redeemer 239
Humiliations and sufferings of Jesus Christ 242
Jesus Christ suffered voluntarily for us 245
The sufferings of Jesus were extreme 246
Interior sufferings of our Saviour 248
Patience of Jesus Christ, Fruits of his death 249
Prophecies of David. Various circumstances 251
Jesus Christ is the true Messias. Super-abundance of his merits 253
III. The scourging, the crowning with thorns, and the crucifixion of Jesus 256
The scourging 256
The crowning with thorns 258
Jesus carries his cross 260
The crucifixion 263
Jesus upon the cross 267
IV. The insults offered to Jesus Christ while he was hanging upon the cross 271
Agony of Jesus on the cross 271
“If thou be the Son of God, come down from the cross” 274
“He saved others, himself he cannot save” 275
“If God loves him, let him deliver him now” 276
V The seven words spoken by Jesus Christ on the cross 279
“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” 279
“Amen, I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise” 281
“Woman, behold thy son. … Behold thy mother” 284
“Eli, Eli, lamma Sabacthani? that is, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” 290
“I thirst” 295
“It is consummated” 296
“Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit 298
VI. The death of Jesus Christ 301
Jesus dies, and triumphs over death 301
Jesus dead on the cross 303
The fruits of the death of our Saviour 305
VII. The prodigies which happened at the death of Jesus 308
Mourning of all nature. Darkness 308
The rending of the veil of the temple 310
The earthquake 315
Resurrection of the dead, and conversions 316
The Heart of Jesus is pierced 318
Burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ 319
VIII. The love shown to us by Jesus Christ in his Passion 322
God so loved men, that he gave his own Son to redeem them 322
The Son of God offered himself for the love of us 324
Jesus died not only for us all, but for each one of us 326
IX. The gratitude that we owe to Jesus Christ for his Passion 330
Jesus died for us; we ought to live and die for him 330
What it is to live and die for Jesus 332
X. We must place all our hopes in the merits of Jesus Christ 336
Jesus crucified is our only hope in all our wants 336
The hope that we have in Jesus Christ that he will pardon our sins 345
The hope that we have in Jesus Christ that he will grant us final perseverance 353
The hope that we have in Jesus Christ that he will grant us eternal happiness 359
XI. The patience that we must exercise in company with Jesus Christ in order to obtain eternal salvation 364
It is necessary to suffer, and to suffer with patience 364
The sight of Jesus crucified consoles us and sustains us in sufferings 370
The Passion of our Saviour will give us strength when at the point of death 374
Confidence in Jesus Christ and love for him 378
Meditations on the Passion of Jesus Christ for Each Day of the Week.
Sunday. The love of Jesus in suffering for us 385
Monday. The sweat of blood, and the agony of Jesus in the garden 389
Tuesday. Jesus is made prisoner, and is led away to the Jews 392
Wednesday. The scourging of Jesus Christ 396
Thursday. The crowning with thorns and the words “Ecce Homo” (“Behold the Man”) 399
Friday. The condemnation of Jesus and the journey to Calvary 402
Saturday. The crucifixion and death of Jesus 405
Meditations Drawn from the Considerations.
I. The Passion of Jesus Christ is our consolation 409
II. The great obligations by which we are bound to love Jesus Christ 411
III. Jesus a man of sorrows 413
IV. Jesus treated as the last of men 416
V. The desolate life of Jesus Christ 418
VI. The ignominies which Jesus Christ suffered in his Passion 421
VII. Jesus on the cross 424
VIII. Jesus dead on the cross 425
Meditations for the Last Fifteen Days of Lent.
I. Jesus makes his triumphant entry into Jerusalem 429
II. Jesus prays in the Garden 431
III. Jesus is apprehended and led before Caiphas 433
IV. Jesus is led before Pilate and Herod, and then has Barabbas preferred before him 435
V. Jesus is scourged at the pillar 437
VI. Jesus is crowned with thorns and treated as a mock king 439
VII. Pilate exhibits Jesus to the people, saying, “Behold the man!” 441
VIII. Jesus is condemned by Pilate 443
IX. Jesus carries the cross to Calvary 445
X. Jesus is placed upon the cross 447
XI. Jesus upon the cross 449
XII. The words spoken by Jesus upon the cross 451
XIII. Jesus dies upon the cross 453
XIV. Jesus hanging dead upon the cross 455
XV. Mary present on Calvary at the death of Jesus 457
Meditations for the Easter Festival.
I. The joys of heaven 459
II. The soul that leaves this life in the state of grace 461
III. The sight of God is that in which the happiness of the elect consists 463
The clock of the Passion 467
Gradus Passionis 468
Steps of the Passion 469
Little chaplet of the five wounds of Jesus crucified 472
Prayer to Jesus crucified, to be said every day to obtain his holy love 474
Prayers to Jesus by the merit of each particular pain which he suffered in his Passion 476
Way of the Cross 479
Manner of practising the exercise of the Way of the Cross 481
Hymns 492
The Passion of Jesus Christ 492
To Jesus in his Passion 492
Cantata on the Passion 494
Index 499

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