Prayer Books of Fr. Lasance

Prisoner of Love, by Fr. Lasance

Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle by Fr. Lasance

My Prayer Book; Happiness in Goodness: Reflections, Counsels, Prayers and Devotions by Fr. Lasance

Blessed Sacrament Book by Fr. Lasance (1913)

With God: a book of prayers and reflections by Fr. Lasance (1911)

Holy Souls Book—Reflections on Purgatory by Fr. Lasance (1920)

The Catholic girl’s guide. Counsels and devotions for girls in the ordinary walks of life, and in particular for the Children of Mary (1906)

The young man’s guide: counsels, reflections, and prayers for Catholic young men by Fr. Lasance (1910)

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St. Joseph Calasanctius, founder of the Piarist order and the patron saint of Catholic schools, once wrote, “All suffering is slight to gain Heaven.” St. Agapitus, a third-century martyr who was tortured with hot coals and beheaded, told his captors: “What better fortune could possibly befall me than to lose my head here, to have it crowned hereafter in Heaven?”

Father Francis X. Lasance understood these great Catholic men and others across the millennia who have suffered for the faith. He cited them as examples worthy of emulation. “All the saints have suffered with humility, patience and love,” Lasance wrote. “The way of the cross is the road to Heaven.”

Lasance knew suffering. For most of his adult life, the Cincinnati priest endured debilitating headaches that restricted him to a sickbed and sent him to Europe in search of relief. This kind of untreatable chronic pain might have driven another person mad, but Fr. Lasance persevered and grew in holiness. Through decades of constant pain, he kept the example of the saints before him; men like St. Alphonse Liguori, the great Doctor of the Church. “Let us be convinced that in this vale of tears,” Liguori wrote, “true peace of heart can not be found except by him who endures and lovingly embraces sufferings to please Almighty God.”

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