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Prisoner of Love, by Fr. Lasance

Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle by Fr. Lasance

My Prayer Book; Happiness in Goodness: Reflections, Counsels, Prayers and Devotions by Fr. Lasance

Blessed Sacrament Book by Fr. Lasance (1913)

With God: a book of prayers and reflections by Fr. Lasance (1911)

Holy Souls Book—Reflections on Purgatory by Fr. Lasance (1920)

The Catholic girl’s guide. Counsels and devotions for girls in the ordinary walks of life, and in particular for the Children of Mary (1906)

The young man’s guide: counsels, reflections, and prayers for Catholic young men by Fr. Lasance (1910)

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St. Joseph Calasanctius, founder of the Piarist order and the patron saint of Catholic schools, once wrote, “All suffering is slight to gain Heaven.” St. Agapitus, a third-century martyr who was tortured with hot coals and beheaded, told his captors: “What better fortune could possibly befall me than to lose my head here, to have it crowned hereafter in Heaven?”

Father Francis X. Lasance understood these great Catholic men and others across the millennia who have suffered for the faith. He cited them as examples worthy of emulation. “All the saints have suffered with humility, patience and love,” Lasance wrote. “The way of the cross is the road to Heaven.”

Lasance knew suffering. For most of his adult life, the Cincinnati priest endured debilitating headaches that restricted him to a sickbed and sent him to Europe in search of relief. This kind of untreatable chronic pain might have driven another person mad, but Fr. Lasance persevered and grew in holiness. Through decades of constant pain, he kept the example of the saints before him; men like St. Alphonse Liguori, the great Doctor of the Church. “Let us be convinced that in this vale of tears,” Liguori wrote, “true peace of heart can not be found except by him who endures and lovingly embraces sufferings to please Almighty God.”

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Trinitarian Preparation and
Thanksgiving for Holy Communion

Prayers Combining Devotion to the Holy Ghost with Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and Adaptable for the Hour of Adoration or for Short Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle

From Father Rawes’ “Bread of Life”

Preparatory Prayers


Holy Ghost, help me to receive Jesus with love and reverence. Thou art my teacher and my sanctifier, and by Thee I live. Thou givest light and strength to my soul. Jesus, hidden in the Blessed Sacrament, is my Saviour and my God. I long to be with Him, that He may abide more in me and I in Him. He is the bread of life, the true bread of God. I long to feed with adoration on that living bread. Be with me, O blessed Spirit, as I draw near to the altar, and give me always more faithfulness to Jesus and more love for Him.

Jesus, Thou standest behind our wall, being hidden in the Blessed Sacrament. Thence Thou lookest through the lattices, searching our most secret thoughts. Give me grace to wait for Thee, and watch for Thee, that I may be always ready to meet Thee at Thy coming.

Thy head is full of dew, for as God Thou art all-merciful; and Thy locks are full of the drops of the night, for Thou wast a man of sorrows, and didst carry Thy cross for me.

I love Thee and adore Thee, Jesus, God and man. With hunger and thirst of soul I long to receive Thee in the mystery of the altar. Send forth Thy spirit more and more into my soul, that I may be ever nearer to Thee, my King and my God.


In the light of the tabernacle I ask Thee, O Holy Ghost, to fill my heart with pure desire for Jesus, the living bread. Give me grace to adore Him with the holy angels, that His will may be done on earth as it is in heaven, and that His will may be done in my soul. Help me to thank Him for all His gifts, and most of all for Himself. By this holy sacrament He strengthens souls on earth, and gives rest to souls in purgatory, and gladdens souls in heaven. He is the hidden manna, promised by Himself to all who overcome. Thy grace will bring me in safety to God. May I taste the sweetness of Jesus! May my soul be kept by Thee very bright for the coming of my spouse!


Cleanse my heart, O holy Spirit, by this heavenly food, wherein Jesus gives me Himself. Strengthen my faith, that I may see Jesus in this sacrament of His body and blood. There is in me a law by which I am in danger of falling into the captivity of sin. I have often to go on my heavenward way through darkness and many temptations, but Thou art my light and my strength. In Thee I trust. By Thy grace I can do all things that Jesus wishes me to do. Be ever in my soul as the dew of the light. With utter trust I rest upon Thee, and believe the testimony which Thou givest. Set up more and more Thy kingdom in my soul, that I may keep my body under, and bring it to subjection, lest I should be a castaway from Jesus and from Thee.


O Holy Ghost, let my life be hidden with Jesus in God. Give me grace to live for God only, and to use creatures in Him and for His sake. Let the beauty of God blind me to the beauty of the world, and let the light of God blind me to the light of earth. Thou, O my God, art brighter than all things and sweeter. Take away from my soul all the dross and purify it, giving it light and strength. To Thee, Spirit of deathless love, I turn for help. Take from me all human respect; for wrong regard of creatures blights the soul, so that its fruits are withered. Help me to be more faithful to Jesus, my love, Who is coming to me from His altar. He is my life, as Thou art my life, and as the eternal Father is my life. Give me more love, that I may welcome Jesus as He comes to me in the hidden light, and in the freshness of the morning dew.


O Holy Ghost, fill me with the fear of the Lord, and drive far from me all thoughts of presumption. Save me from guilt like this. Keep me from offending God; and keep me from the wounds of His anger. Make me feel His goodness, and fill my heart with thankfulness. If I am faithful to Thee, Thou wilt give me much grace; if I am unfaithful, Thou wilt give me little grace, or, it may be, none at all. Dwell in my soul more and more, that I may be faithful with a great faithfulness, and inherit the fulness of Thy promises.


O Holy Ghost, give me a great hunger for the bread of life. Do Thou, by that bread which is Jesus, satisfy my soul, and strengthen it, and make it full of life. I am needy with a great need; but this bread of heaven is the life of the poor; let it be my life. I am very poor and needy; but Thou, my own Lord, dost always care for me. Without Thee, blessed Spirit, I can not say, Jesus: without Thee, helper of the needy, I can not feed on Him Who is the bread from heaven.

O Spirit of peace, give me a great love for the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

O Spirit of reconciliation, help all darkened souls, and bring them back to life.

O Spirit of mercy, help the souls that are now suffering in the fire of Purgatory. I ask Thee, by Thine own goodness, to give them refreshment and joy and white robes of consoling love.

O Spirit most full of pity, give me a great joy in the sacrament of love. Thou dwellest in me, and by Thee I live to God. Thou makest me a temple of Thyself and of the Father and the Son. Thou makest me an heir of God. Bring me now, dear Spirit, in light to the altar; bring me in light to my grave; bring me in light to the city of the King and the song of the morning stars.


Eternal Father, wash me from my sins in the blood of Jesus.

Eternal Son, fill me with the fire of Thy Heart.

Eternal Spirit, make me glad with the sweetness of the soul of Jesus.

O eternal Father, crush all the powers of evil under my feet. Let me walk upon the asp and the basilisk; let me trample under foot the lion and the dragon by the blood of Thy Son.

O eternal Son, pour into my soul abundant gifts of grace. Thou didst die for me on the cross. There Thou didst merit for me the treasures of grace which now Thou givest. Thou didst give me Thyself in shedding of blood and in dimness of death. Now Thou givest me Thyself in outpouring of gladness and in Thy deathless life. Thou wast dead and art alive forever.

O eternal Spirit, hide me more and more with God, and let there be in me more and more of the mind of Jesus. Touch the lips of my soul and give me a taste for this bread of God, that I may know the graciousness of my Jesus, and the sweetness of His blood. The love of God is shed abroad in my heart, for Thou, O Holy Ghost, art given to me. Oh, lift me up, dear Spirit, from the dust. Oh, bring me in Thine own good time to the pavement of pure gold as clear as crystal. Fill my soul with Thy dew; fill it with Thy fire. There is no dew like Thine; and there is no fire like Thine. They mingle together in the fruitfulness of the garden of the Spouse. They mingle with the blood of Jesus, and with the water from His side. Oh, fire of the Holy Ghost, gentle and sweet as dew! Oh, dew of the Holy Ghost, piercing and cleansing as fire! O Holy Ghost, Whom I love, lift Thy little one to Thine uncreated Heart.

O blessed Trinity, show me the hidden things of the blood of Jesus, the holy mystery of Thy Church.


O Jesus, Lamb of God, hidden in the darkness, give me grace to come to Thee.

O Jesus, Thou art God and man, miraculously conceived, miraculously born; give me light that I may know Thee.

O Jesus, conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, give me strength to come to Thee.

O Jesus, Thou art in this most holy sacrament with Thy body and soul and Godhead; give me grace to find Thee and love Thee.

My Saviour, give me true sorrow for sin as I draw near to Thy altar, seeking for Thee.

My Saviour take from me all pride, all malice, all wickedness; that in newness of life, without guile and without vainglory, I may give Thee the praise of my life, and draw near to Thy altar, seeking Thee.

My Saviour, sprinkle me with Thy precious blood, and lead me in the way of Thy passion, and keep me beneath the shadow of Thy cross, that I may draw near to Thy altar, seeking Thee.

O most holy Jesus, purify my soul from all uncleanness and from every spot displeasing to Thee, that in holiness of heart I may feed upon this bread of God.

O most holy Jesus, keep me from every wound of sin, and lead me in the right way, that I may walk in the footsteps of those who loved Thee, and feed now upon this bread of God.

O most holy Jesus, give me an upright heart and a just heart, that I may love Thee, the King in Jerusalem, and wait for Thy coming, and feed now upon this bread of God.

O Jesus, incarnate Word, my King and my God, I come to Thee. Hungry and thirsty, my spirit fainteth within me; and I cry to Thee, O Thou lover of my soul. Thou, my Jesus, art the giver of bread: set a table for me in the wilderness. Thou, my Jesus, art the giver of drink: let me slake my thirst with living water from the Rock. Draw me, my Lord and my God; then I will come to Thee. Speak to me, my brother and my friend — then I will listen to Thee and follow in Thy steps.

Fasten me, O sweetest Jesus, to Thyself with a chain of gold which will not break, and let me rest on Thy Heart. In the everlasting home feed me with Thy beauty, with the vision of Thy face, with the vision of the face of God. O Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!


O Holy Ghost, my helper and my comforter, Thou knowest all the suffering through which I may have to go, and Thou knowest the chains by which I am bound. Thou knowest, giver of holiness, how my soul cleaves to the dust. Thou knowest my need of grace, and how little I seek for it, and how I waste the graces which Thou in Thy goodness givest me. Thou knowest how I am stricken with the wounds of death in pain and sorrow and wasting of life. These things lead me onward to my grave. Help me, Spirit of life, and comfort me and hold me up with Thy Almighty hand. In all temptations of the Devil I come to Thee. In all temptations of my own heart I come to Thee. If I live according to the flesh, I die: but, if by Thee I kill the flesh, I live. If I am led by Thee as Thou longest to lead me, I am a child of God.

Wash me from all stain of sin, and save me.

I pray that the most holy body of Jesus may be in me as that balm of Gilead against which no diseases of the spirit can prevail. Let it be to me that light of salvation against which no thickness of darkness has power.

Jesus, coming to me from Thy altar, fill my soul with love, and bring me at last safely to the whiteness of the streets in Thy heavenly city, where Thy elect dwell with Thee for ever.

Thanksgiving Prayers


O Jesus, Thou art all bountiful, and there is no giver like Thee. Thou art the cheerful giver whom the Father loves with a great love. I thank Thee for Thy priceless gift. I thank Thee for coming to me in this morning light.

Even Thou couldest not give me more, for Thou hast given me Thyself. O loving Lord, my friend and brother and God, Thou didst make Thyself the servant of all. Hungry and thirsty and tired, Thou didst seek for us, as a shepherd seeks for his sheep that are scattered. From cloudy mountains Thou didst gather us in days of darkness and dread. I long to love Thee more, O Brother, Who didst die for me. I long to keep Thee more lovingly in my heart, O Friend, Who givest me Thyself in this sacrament of Thy love. Let my soul be joined more and more to Thine; and let my body belong more and more to Thee. Thou givest me power to become a child of God. O Son of God, Thou hast come to me from the altar, in healing and light.


Thou art hidden, my Jesus, from every eye. Though Thou dwellest in the accessible light, yet clouds and thick darkness are round about Thy earthly dwelling. O dearest Lord, Thou art a hidden God. Thou art the God of Israel, my Saviour. I thank Thee for coming to me; and I thank Thee for bringing me to Thy banquet of love. I praise Thee and bless Thee in the paradise of God; and I praise Thee and bless Thee in this dimness of the shadow of death. At Thy appearing I shall be like Thee, for I shall see Thee as Thou art. Make me more and more like Thyself here. One day, in the land of praise, in the great thanksgiving of eternity, I shall follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest over the mountains of the Israel of God. Give me grace to be faithful to Thee here, and to follow in Thy steps, day by day. Thou hast come to me, Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament. By Thy gift Thou dost make me rich; and in Thy love Thou art the gladness of my life.


Thou, Jesus, art the incorruptible ark of the covenant. By Thee and with Thee we are kept from sin and from everlasting death. I bless and praise Thee for Thine own holiness, and for the holiness Thou givest to Thy servants. Give me more love, dear Jesus, and more cleanness of heart, and bring me safely to the incorruptible kingdom where Thou dost ever dwell. There no rust consumes, and there no moth destroyeth. There all souls are bright with the fire of the love of God. Thou hast now come to me in Thy holy sacrament, that I may be strengthened for my journey to Thy home. Thou didst give corn to the brethren of Joseph in Egypt. Lead me into the lowest places, that by humility I may be pleasing to Thee. There, Jesus, give to me the corn of the elect, that I may praise Thee always as I am praising Thee now. Thou dost ever gird me with strength. Thou dost feed me with the bread of heaven, that I may feel no longing for the food of earth. I am needy; Thou, Jesus, art my bread. I am poor; Thou, Jesus, art my life. In Thy light, O Word of the Father, I shall see light. For all this I thank Thee and love Thee, and give Thee the praise of my heart.


O Eternal Father, Thou hast set me here to try me and prove me, and Thou hast given me a work to do. For this I thank Thee and bless Thee and praise Thee. In all sorrow and in all pain, in the light of our eyes and in the gladness of life, Thou dost wisely and sweetly order all things from one end of the world to the other. Thou dost wisely and sweetly order all things about me. I am poor and weak and blind; but Thou hast always thought of me Thy child, and Thou hast always loved me, and lovest me now, with an everlasting love. However great my sufferings may be in body or in mind, keep me in Thy peace, and give me grace always to find my support in Thee. Whatever loneliness or dread or shadows of terror may come to me, Thy hand holds me, and Thy right hand guides me. Thou art blessed in all that Thou givest, and blessed in all that Thou dost not give, and blessed in all that Thou takest away. O most loving Father, though Thou shouldest slay me I will trust Thee.

Now I thank Thee for this living bread which I have received. The crumbs from the table of Thy Son are more precious than all the feasts and riches of the world. With all my heart and all my soul and all my strength I give thanks and love and praise to Thee. Thou art the unbeginning fountain of the Godhead. Thou art the principle of Thy uncreated Son, and with Him Thou art the principle of Thy uncreated Spirit. O Father, I love Thee.


Spirit of the Father and the Son, in the dawn of the world Thou didst move over the face of the waters. Thou didst overshadow the Mother of God in Nazareth, when the Word was made flesh, and God sent forth His Son made of a woman. Thou art He by Whom Jesus offered Himself without spot to God on the altar of the cross. By Thee Jesus is offered now in this unbloody sacrifice of the altar. Thou art the Sanctifier, almighty and eternal God, and Thou dost ever bless the sacrifice that is made ready for Thy name. O loving Spirit, strengthen my faith. Give me an ever-brighter love for Jesus. He is Emmanuel, God with us: God with us in our human nature, God with us in this sacrament of His love. Dear Spirit, I live and move and am in Thee: and I love Thee.

O ever-blessed Trinity, one God, Thou hast given me bread in my hunger and drink in my thirst. I call to mind all Thy love and gentleness and compassion, in which Thou hast led me and guided me until now. With all my heart I pray for greater gifts of Thy grace and more overflowing treasure of Thy love. Give to me, as Thou only canst give, the blessings of heaven above, and the blessings of the deep that lieth beneath. In the morning let me rise with Thee in faithfulness, that in the evening I may rest safely with Thee in love and joy and peace. O God, my soul resteth in Thee.


O Holy Ghost, Who doest wonders in nature and in grace, convert me to Thyself more and more. Take from me my heart of stone and make it a heart of flesh, on which may be written hymns of praise and love, for Thou art the spirit of the living God. Thou art the light shining out of darkness. Shine in my heart, and give me the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Strengthen me that I may always bear about in my body the dying of Jesus, that in me the life of Jesus may be manifested. Let Thy grace abound through many in thanksgiving to the glory of God; let it abound in my heart. Thy miracles are known on every altar where Jesus gives to us the bread of life, His own body and blood. I have received Him into my soul; I have received the incarnate Word, God and man. From Him with the Father Thou dost ever proceed. We give thanks and love and praise and glory and blessing to Thee. Thou, with Jesus our Lord, art most high in the glory of God the Father.


O Holy Ghost, I thank Thee for the bread of life which Jesus gives. It is His gift to me; it is Thy gift to me; it is a possession for ever. I bless and praise Thee for the miracles which Thou daily workest in order that Jesus may be the food of His people. In a hundred lands, in thousands of churches, in the heat of summer and in the winter cold, in the midst of the morning dew and when the sun is high, a pure sacrifice is offered to God, and a banquet of heaven is spread for all. Hungry and thirsty, our souls faint within us; but we cry to Thee, and Thou leadest us in a right way, a way that brings us to Thy storehouses and to the garners of Thy grace. We kneel before the altar, and Thou dost satisfy the empty soul, and dost fill the hungry soul with good things. We wander in a wilderness, but Thy springs are always found in it. Jesus has redeemed us from the enemy. Thou art the Comforter Whom He sent. Thou dost gather us from all lands, from the rising and the setting sun, from the north and from the sea. Thy mercies, O Lord, give glory to Thee, and Thy wonderful works for the children of men ever show forth Thy praise.


I thank Thee, dear Jesus, for all Thy sacraments. I thank Thee above all for Thyself. I thank Thee because I can feed upon Thee spiritually, even when I cannot come before Thy altar. Give me a greater thirst for Thee, Thou lover of my soul, and let me sit beneath Thy shadow and taste of Thy sweetness more. Lift me to Thyself on high, and let my soul be steeped in Thy light. Give me a great love, for all things holy and just and pure and lovely and true. Let me feed on the pleasures of Thy right hand, and let me drink of the torrent of Thy river. Thy land is ever flowing with milk and honey; but Thou, my own Jesus, my loved one, art far sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. Thy city has gates of pearl, and its jasper wall has foundations of precious stones; but Thou art the one pearl without price, and for Thy love I would gladly sell all that I have.

Thy sweetness deadens my taste for the world’s gifts, and in all bitterness of sorrow the light of Thy face and the love of Thy heart are joy and rest and peace. I bless praise and Thee for forgiving my sins. I bless and praise Thee for saving me from the undying fire. I bless and praise Thee for all Thy spiritual gifts here, and for the hope of Thy heavenly joys hereafter. Thou art my Jesus in heaven and my Jesus on the altar. Thou art my Jesus in my heart. For this I love Thee, and bless Thee, and praise Thee, and glorify Thee, and adore Thee for and ever.


Eternal Father, I thank Thee for the gift that Thou hast given me. It is Thy beloved Son, in Whom Thou art well pleased. In Him and by Him give me strength to keep all my good resolutions.

Eternal Son, I thank Thee for the gift that Thou hast given me. It is Thyself Who didst die for me. Make me, dear Jesus, wiser with Thy heavenly wisdom, and show me clearly all the things I should do for God.

Eternal Spirit, I thank Thee for the gift that Thou hast given me. It is Jesus, whose soul Thou didst sanctify with Thy holiest treasures. Make me, dear Spirit, more loving, that I may cling more closely to God.

O ever-blessed Trinity, three Persons and one God, help me to live according to this gift of gifts which I have received at the altar of Jesus.

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