Trustful Surrender To Divine Providence by Saint Claude de La Colombière (1641-1682)

The Will of God Made and Governs All Things 4
God Controls All Events, Whether Good or Bad 5
How Can God Will or Allow Evil? 8
God Does Everything With Supreme Wisdom 12
Trials and Punishments Are Blessings From God 13
Our Trials Are Never Greater Than Our Strength to Bear Them 14
The Great Advantages to be Gained From Entire Conformity to the Divine Will 15
Man Sanctifies Himself by This Conformity 15
Conformity to God’s Will Makes Us Happy in This Life as Well 17
The Practice of Conformity to the Will of God 20
In the Natural Incidents of Our Daily Lives 21
In Public Calamities 22
In the Cares and Difficulties of Family Life 23
In Reverses of Fortune 24
In Poverty and Hardships 25
In Adversity and Disgrace 28
In Defects of Nature 28
Sickness And Infirmity 29
In Death And the Manner Of It 31
In the Loss of Spiritual Consolation 31
In the Consequences of Our Sins 34
In Interior Trials 35
In Spiritual Favors 37
Summary And Conclusion 38
Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence 40
Consoling Truths 41
Trust in God’s Wisdom 42
When God sends us trials 43
Loving recourse to God 44
Practice of trustful surrender 45
Adversity Is Useful for the Just and Necessary For Sinners 47
We must have trust in Providence 47
Unexpected advantages from our trials 49
Opportunities for acquiring merit and saving our souls 50
Recourse to Prayer 50
To obtain what we want 51
To be delivered from evil 52
We do not ask enough 53
Perseverance in Prayer 54
Obstinate Trust 55
Exercise In Conformity to Divine Providence 57
Act of Faith, Hope and Charity 57
Act of Filial Submission to Providence 58
Usefulness of This Exercise 59