Liturgical Year from the First Sunday of Lent to Saturday of the 4th Week of Lent

Prior Period Current Period Subsequent Period
Liturgical Year — from Septuagesima Sunday to the Saturday after Ash Wednesday Liturgical Year — from the First Sunday of Lent to Saturday of the 4th Week of Lent Liturgical Year — Passiontide And Holy Week
Multiple Instances of Some Days are Present in Adjoining Periods
Preface v
I. The History of Lent 1
II. The Mystery of Lent 20
III. Practice during Lent 29
IV. Morning and Night Prayers during Lent 42
V. On hearing Mass, during the Season of Lent 57
VI. On Holy Communion during Lent 92
VII. On the Office of Vespers for Sundays and Feasts during Lent 98
VIII. On the Office of Compline during Lent 109
The First Sunday of Lent 121
Mass 127
Vespers 138
Monday of the first week of Lent 142
Tuesday 149
Wednesday (Ember Day) 156
Thursday 164
Friday (Ember Day) 170
Saturday (Ember Day) 179
The Second Sunday of Lent 186
Mass 190
Vespers 197
Monday of the second week of Lent 199
Tuesday 206
Wednesday 214
Thursday 220
Friday 228
Saturday 236
The Third Sunday of Lent 247
Mass 253
Vespers 261
Monday of the third week of Lent 263
Tuesday 270
Wednesday 277
Thursday 284
Friday 291
Saturday 303
The Fourth Sunday of Lent 313
Mass 318
Vespers 326
Monday of the fourth week of Lent 328
Tuesday 335
Wednesday 342
Thursday 362
Friday 370
Saturday 381
March 12: St Gregory the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church 388
March 17: St Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, Bishop and Confessor 402
March 18: St Gabriel the Archangel 410
March 19: St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin 418
March 21: St Benedict, Abbot 428
March 26: The Annunciation of the Ever Blessed Virgin 443
April 2: St Francis of Paula, Confessor 475
April 4: St Isidore, Bishop and Doctor of the Church 479
April 5: St Vincent Ferrer, Confessor 485
April 9: St Mary of Egypt, Penitent 492

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