Considerations and Devout Meditations for Every Day during Lent

Meditation for Ash-Wednesday — On Exterior Penance and Mortification.
Meditation for Thursday after Ash-Wednesday — On the same Subject. 3
Meditation for Friday after Ash-Wednesday — On the Excellence of Mortification. 5
Meditation for Saturday after Ash-Wednesday — On the Obligations we are under to Meditate on the Passion of Jesus Christ. 7
Meditation for First Sunday in Lent — On the Causes of Temptation. 12
Meditation for First Monday in Lent — The Passion of Our Lord in general. 16
Meditation for First Tuesday in Lent — On the same Subject. 18
Meditation for First Wednesday in Lent — Jesus in the Garden of Olives. 20
Meditation for First Thursday in Lent — On the Bloody Sweat. 22
Meditation for First Friday in Lent — The Prayer of Jesus in the Garden. 22
Meditation for First Saturday in Lent — The Dolours of the Blessed Virgin. 27
Meditation for Second Sunday in Lent — On the Transfiguration. 30
Meditation for Second Monday in Lent — On the Treason of Judas. 35
Meditation for Second Tuesday in Lent — On the Courage of Jesus after his Prayer in the Garden. 38
Meditation for Second Wednesday in Lent — Jesus is taken by his Enemies. 41
Meditation for Second Thursday in Lent — On the Blow that Jesus received in the Presence of the High Priest. 44
Meditation for Second Friday in Lent— On the Outrages that Our Lord received in the House of Caiaphas. 47
Meditation for Second Saturday in Lent — On the Seven Stations of Our Lord’s Passion. 50
Meditation for Third Sunday in Lent — On Relapses into Sin. 55
Meditation for Third Monday in Lent — On the Fall of St. Peter. 59
Meditation for Third Tuesday in Lent — On the Repentance of St. Peter, and the Despair of Judas Iscariot. 63
Meditation for Third Wednesday in Lent — On the Cause of the Conversion of St. Peter. 65
Meditation for Third Thursday in Lent — Jesus is Accused before Pilate. 68
Meditation for Third Friday in Lent — On the Contempt of Herod for Jesus, and the Silence of Jesus before Herod. 71
Meditation for Third Saturday in Lent — Jesus Confesses that he is a King. 73
Meditation for Fourth Sunday in Lent — On Almsgiving. 76
Meditation for Fourth Monday in Lent — The Jews prefer Barabbas to Jesus. 80
Meditation for Fourth Tuesday in Lent — On the Scourges of Our Lord. 81
Meditation for Fourth Wednesday in Lent — Jesus is Crowned with Thorns. 84
Meditation for Fourth Thursday in Lent — Sentiments of Grief and Compassion for the Sufferings of Jesus. 86
Meditation for Fourth Friday in Lent — On the Sentence of Death pronounced against Jesus. 89
Meditation for Fourth Saturday in Lent — Jesus is Abandoned to the Power of his Enemies. 93
Meditation for Passion Sunday — On the Gospel of the Day. 96
Meditation for Monday in Passion Week — Jesus Carries his Cross. 100
Meditation for Tuesday in Passion Week — Jesus on the Cross. 103
Meditation for Wednesday in Passion Week — Jesus Prays for his Enemies. 107
Meditation for Thursday in Passion Week — On the Penitence of the Good Thief, and the Impenitence of the Bad. 109
Meditation for Friday in Passion Week — On the Passion of the Blessed Virgin. 112
Meditation for Saturday in Passion Week — The Passion of the Blessed Virgin, Continued. 114
Meditation for Palm Sunday. 118
Meditation on the Entrance of Our Lord into Jerusalem. 119
Meditation for Monday in Holy Week — On the Abandonment of Our Saviour on the Cross. 123
Meditation for Tuesday in Holy Week — On the Thirst of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 125
Meditation for Wednesday in Holy Week. 129
Meditation for Holy Thursday — On the Last Words of Our Lord on the Cross. 132
Meditation for Good Friday — On the Death of Jesus Christ. 134
Meditation for Holy Saturday — On the Burial of Our Lord. 137
Meditation for Easter Sunday — On the Resurrection of our Lord. 141

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