Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Introduction 9
I. State of the Church in France at the Birth of Saint Margaret Mary. 1647 17
II. Birth of Saint Margaret Mary — First Years — Childhood and Youth. 1647 – 1662 34
III. Margaret’s Vocation — She Enters the Visitation of Paray. 1662 – 1671 54
IV. The Convent of Paray. 1671 71
V. Margaret Mary’s Novitiate — God Prepares her for the Great Mission about to be entrusted to her — Her Profession. May 26, 1671 – November 6, 1672 92
VI. Final Exterior Preparations — Last Finishing Stroke within. November 6, 1672 – December 27, 1673 110
VII. The Aurora of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart. 126
VIII. The Visitation Established to be the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart. 142
IX. The Revelations of the Sacred Heart. 1673 – 1675 160
X. Almighty God Prepares the Convent of Paray to become the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart. 1675 – 1678 180
XI. Mother Greyfie submits Margaret’s Extraordinary Ways to a New Examination — Her Severity and her Fearlessness — Father de la Colombiere Returns to Paray — His Death. 1678 – 1684 194
XII. The Saintly Sister among her Novices — The Secret of the Sublime Revelations Escapes her in Spite of herself — First Public Adoration of the Sacred Heart. 1684 – 1685 220
XIII. The Apostolate of the Sacred Heart Begun — With what Modesty and Zeal Margaret Mary begins to Spread Devotion to the Sacred Heart. 1686 – 1689 244
XIV. The Last Grand Revelation — The King and France. 1689 263
XV. Margaret Mary’s Mission Ended — She is Consumed in the Flames of Divine Love — Her Holy Death. 1690 274
XVI. Devotion to the Heart of Jesus Begins in the World — Anger of Some, Enthusiasm of Others. 290
XVII. The First-fruits of Devotion to the Sacred Heart — The Church of France Vivified in the Rays of the Sacred Heart — Beatification of Saint Margaret Mary. 315
XVIII. Unexpected and Marvelous Spread of Devotion to the Heart of Jesus amid the Misfortunes of France — The Second Part of the Mission confided to Saint Margaret Mary Approaches its Accomplishment. 1870 – 1874 334
XIX. Montmartre — The Wish of St. Francis de Sales — The Visitation Order and Jansenism — The Visitandines as Reformers and Founders — The Visitandines in the Revolution — the Scapular of the Sacred Heart in the Reign of Terror — The Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart — The Consecration of the World to the Sacred Heart. 356
XX. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart — Some American Associations — The Words of Pope Benedict XV., and the Decree of Canonization of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Professed Religious of the Order of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the diocese of Autun 378