Prayer for Priestly and Religious Vocations

Priest: Let us pray for priestly and religious vocations.
All: O God, we earnestly beseech Thee to bless the Church with many priests, brothers, and sisters, who will love Thee with their whole hearts, be faithful to their vocations, and gladly spend their entire lives to teach Thy truths, serve Thy Church, and to make Thee known and loved.
Priest: Bless our families, bless our children.
All: Choose from our homes those who are needed for Thy work.
Priest: O Mary, Queen of priestly and religious vocations:
All: Pray for us. Pray for our priests, seminarians and religious. Obtain for us the grace of many more. Amen.

(Please offer your reception of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month for vocations)

Prayer of Parents for Priestly and Religious Vocations

O God, grant that at least one of our sons may become a priest or religious brother, and one of our daughters a religious sister. We ourselves want to live as good Christians, and to guide our children always to do what is right, so that we may receive the grace, O God, to be allowed to give Thee a holy priest, brother, or sister! Amen.

(Conclude with an Our FatherHail Mary and Glory Be)

1 Jesus the great High Priest
Hath full atonement made,
Will make His people truly bless’d
Who own Him for their head.
2 The Priests ordain’d of old,
They answer’d to their times:
But all their off’ring never could
Atone for all their crimes.
3 But Christ the Saviour brings
Off’rings of greater worth
Than types & shadows of those things
That only held Him forth.
4 Not blood of Calves or Goats
Did Jesus sacrifice;
To cleanse the soul from sin & spots,
Must be of greater price.
5 Jesus by His own blood,
Went in that holy place,
And sacrifc’d Himself to God,
To save all Adam’s race.
6 He ever reigns above
And for us intercedes:
There manifests his tender love,
And there our causes pleads.

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