Life of Saint Clare of Montefalco, Professed Nun of the Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine, by Father Lawrence Tardy

Translator’s Preface 3
Author’s Preface 6
Chapter I – Time of Saint Clare’s Birth 11
Chapter II – Childhood of Saint Clare 16
Chapter III – Entrance of Saint Clare into the Hermitage of her Sister, the Blessed Johanna 20
Chapter IV – Early Life of Saint Clare in the Hermitage 24
Chapter V – Foundation of a New Hermitage; Its Difficulties and Wants 32
Chapter VI – Saint Clare is appointed to collect Alms for the Hermitage 36
Chapter VII – Saint Clare is tried by Temptations 41
Chapter VIII – The Hermitage is erected into a Convent under the Rule of Saint Augustine; Blessed Johanna is chosen Abbess, and dies soon afterwards 45
Chapter IX – Saint Clare is Elected Abbess 52
Chapter X – Brief Review of Saint Clare’s Conduct in the Government of her Convent 56
Chapter XI – Progress of Saint Clare in Virtue generally, but especially in the Theological Virtues 61
Chapter XII – Saint Clare’s Love of her Neighbor 70
Chapter XIII – Saint Clare’s Love of her Enemies 81
Chapter XIV – The Cardinal Virtues of Saint Clare 87
Chapter XV – The Life of Penance led by Saint Clare 93
Chapter XVI – The Zeal of Saint Clare in the Observance of her Monastic Vows 98
Chapter XVII – Humility of Saint Clare 105
Chapter XVIII – Saint Clare’s Reputation for Sanctity 109
Chapter XIX – Saint Clare Recovers Her Interior Peace 113
Chapter XX – Saint Clare receives the Impression of the Mysteries and Instruments of the Passion and of the Symbol of the Most Holy Trinity. She afterwards builds a Convent Church 116
Chapter XXI – The Infused Knowledge of Saint Clare, and the Use which she made of it for the Salvation of Souls 121
Chapter XXII – Saint Clare Disputes with Heretics and Refutes Them 126
Chapter XXIII – Saint Clare’s Spirit of Prophecy 133
Chapter XXIV – Visions and Ecstasies of Saint Clare 140
Chapter XXV – Miracles worked by Saint Clare 148
Chapter XXVI – Last Illness and Death of Saint Clare 152
Chapter XXVII – On the Glory with which God honored Saint Clare after Death 161
Chapter XXVIII – Discovery of the Emblems of the Holy Mysteries of the Passion of Jesus in the Heart of Saint Clare, and of the Symbol of the Holy Trinity in her Gall 164
Chapter XXIX – Wonderful Preservation of Saint Clare’s Body and Blood, of her Heart and the Emblems. Ebullition of her Blood as a Presage of Great Calamities 175
Chapter XXX – Miracles worked by Saint Clare after her Death; The Process for her Canonization 180
Chapter XXXI – Resumption of the Cause of Saint Clare; its Vicissitudes and Happy Termination 189
Chapter XXXII – Miracles Approved for the Canonization of Clare 199
Conclusion 211
Appendix 214
The Heart of Saint Clare of Montefalco 222

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