The Passion and Death of Our Lord by Father Lasance

From the book Remember: Thoughts on The End of Man, The Four Last Things, The Passion of Our Lord, Human Suffering, Humility and Patience, compiled and edited by Father Francis Xavier Lasance, published by Benziger Brothers in 1936

The Passion and Death of Our Lord 3
The Way of the Cross 3
Via Crucis 4
Why Should | Suffer? What Have I Done? 5
The Love of Jesus Crucified 6
How Did He Suffer 8
The Dream of the Holy Child 9
Our Lord Foretold His Passion to His Disciples 9
Hosannas 11
Lessons of Our Lord on the Eve of His Passion 12
Remember Me 13
The Garden of Gethsemane 15
He Began to Grow Sorrowful 17
Fear, Sorrow, and Weariness 17
Our Saviour’s Prayer 18
The Angel of Comfort 18
It Might Have Been 20
The Traitor 21
Peter’s Fall 24
I Know Not This Man 24
Peter’s Repentance 25
Jesus Before Caiaphas the High Priest 26
Jesus Is Condemned 27
Jesus is Mocked and Blindfolded. He is Left All Night in the Hands of His Guards 28
Christ Before Pilate 29
Hail, King of the Jews 31
Crucify Him 33
The Dreadful Torment at the Pillar 34
The Crowning With Thorns 37
The Way of the Cross 38
The Meeting of Jesus and Mary 39
Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus to Carry His Cross 40
Veronica Wipes Our Lord’s Face 41
Jesus Nailed To The Cross 42
Mary at The Foot of the Cross 43
The Title of the Cross 45
Our Lord’s Kingdom Is Not Of This World 46
What I Have Written I Have Written 46
The First Word from the Cross 47
Forgive Them: For They Know Not What They Do 47
The Second Word from The Cross 49
The Third Word from The Cross 51
Salve Regina 52
The Fourth Word from The Cross 53
The Fifth Word from The Cross 55
The Sixth Word from The Cross 57
The Precious Blood 58
An Offering 59
Ejaculations 59
The Seventh Word from The Cross 60
Prayer 61
The Piercing of Christ’s Side 61
Prayer Before a Crucifix 63
The Entombment 63
Mater Dolorosa 65
The Shadow of The Cross 66
The Vision of Calvary 67
The Risen Lord and His Mother 70
Regina Coeli 71
The Five Wounds of Christ 71

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