Mystical City of God, by Bl. Maria of Agreda, Volume 1

The Conception

The Sacramental Mysteries wrought by the Most High in the Queen of Heaven from the Time of her Immaculate Conception until the Incarnation of the Word in her virginal Womb, and how much Merit She herself acquired through divine Grace by profiting from the Favors conferred upon Her during those first fifteen Years of her Life.

CHAPTER I. Concerning Two Special Visions Vouchsafed to My Soul by the Lord and Concerning Other Enlightenments and Mysteries, which Compelled Me to Withdraw from Earthly Things and Raised My Spirit to Dwell above the Earth 23
CHAPTER II. How the Lord, in the State in which He Had Placed Me, Manifested to Me the Mysteries of the Life of the Queen of Heaven 35
CHAPTER III. Of the Knowledge of the Divinity, which was Conferred Upon Me, and of the Decree of the Creation of the World 46
CHAPTER IV. How the Divine Decrees are Classified according to Instants, and what God in. Each Determined to Communicate ad Extra 52
CHAPTER V. Instructions concerning Holy Scriptures, and in Particular concerning Chapter Eight of the Proverbs, in Confirmation of the Preceding Pages 62
CHAPTER VI. Concerning a Doubt, which I Proposed Regarding the Doctrine Contained in these Chapters, and the Answer to It 75
CHAPTER VII. How the Most High gave a Beginning to His Works and Created all Material Things for the Use of Man, while Angels and Men were Created to be His people Under the Leadership of the Incarnate Word 83
CHAPTER VIII. Which Follows up the Previous Discourse by the Explanation of the Twelfth Chapter of the Apocalypse. 93
CHAPTER IX. The Rest of the Twelfth Chapter of the Apocalypse is Explained 104
CHAPTER X. The Explanation of the Twelfth Chapter of the Apocalypse is Concluded 116
CHAPTER XI. In the Creation of All Things the Lord had before His Mind Christ Our Lord and His Most Holy Mother. He Chose His People and Heaped His Benefits on Them 125
CHAPTER XII. How, after the Human Race had been Propagated, the Clamors of the Just for the Coming of the Redeemer Increased, and Likewise Sin ; in this Night of the Ancient Law, God Sent Two Morningstars as Harbingers of the Law of Grace 141
CHAPTER XIII. How the Conception of the Most Holy Mary was Announced by the Archangel Gabriel, and How God Prepared Holy Anne for It by a Special Favor 151
CHAPTER XIV. How the Almighty Made Known to the Holy Angels the Opportune Decree for the Conception of the Most Holy Mary; and which of Them He Selected for Her Custody 161
CHAPTER XV. Of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God through Divine Power 173
CHAPTER XVI. Of the Habits of Virtue, with which God Gifted the Soul of the Most Holy Mary, and of Her First Exercises of These Virtues in the Womb of her Mother Anne; She Herself Gives me Instructions for Imitating Her 184
CHAPTER XVII. Still Treating of the Mystery of the Conception of Holy Mary and Explaining the Twenty-first Chapter of the Apocalypse 198
CHAPTER XVIII. Sequel of the Mystery of the Conception of the Most Holy Mary as Described in the Second Part of the Twenty-first Chapter of the Apocalypse 217
CHAPTER XIX. Contains _ the last Portion of Apocalypse XXI in as far as it Describes the Conception of the Most Holy Mary 232
CHAPTER XX. Treating of what Happened during the Nine Months of the Pregnancy of St. Anne ; the Doings of the Most Holy Mary in the Womb of her Mother, and those of Saint Anne during that Time 252
CHAPTER XXI. Of the Felicitous Birth of the Most Holy Mary Our Mistress : of the Favors, which She then Received from the Hand of the Most High, and How a Name was Given Her in Heaven and on Earth 263
CHAPTER XXII. How Saint Anne Complied with the Law of Moses in regard to Childbirth ; and How Most Holy Mary Acted in Her Infancy 278
CHAPTER XXIII. Of the Emblems of the Holy Guardian Angels in their Intercourse with the Blessed Mary, and of Their Perfections 291
CHAPTER XXIV. Of the Holy Exercises and Occupations of the Queen in the First Year and a Half of Her Infancy 301
CHAPTER XXV. How the Most Holy Child Mary Began to Speak at the Age of One Year and a Half; and How She was Occupied until the Time of Her Departure to the Temple 309
CHAPTER I. Of the Presentation of the Most Holy Mary in the Temple at the Age of Three Years. 325
CHAPTER II. Concerning a Singular Favor, which the Almighty Conferred on Most Holy Mary as soon as She was Established in the Temple 337
CHAPTER III. Instruction which the Queen of Heaven Gave Me concerning the Vows of My Profession 348
CHAPTER IV. Of the Perfection in which Most Holy Mary Passed Her Days in the Temple, and of the Exercises which She was Ordered to Undertake 360
CHAPTER V. Of the Perfections of the Most Holy Mary in the Practice of Virtues in General, and of Her Advance in Them 371
CHAPTER VI. Of the Virtue of Faith, and How Most Holy Mary Practiced It 377
CHAPTER VII. Of the Virtue of Hope, and How the Virgin Our Lady Practiced It 389
CHAPTER VIII. Of the Virtue of Charity in the Most Holy Mary, Our Lady 397
CHAPTER IX. Of the Virtue of Prudence as Practiced by the Most Holy Queen of Heaven 411
CHAPTER X. Of the Virtue of Justice, as Practiced by Most Holy Mary 426
CHAPTER XI. The Virtue of Fortitude, as Practiced by the Most Holy Mary 440
CHAPTER XII. The Virtue of Temperance as Practiced by the Most Holy Mary 449
CHAPTER XIII. Of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost and How the Most Holy Mary Made use of Them 462
CHAPTER XIV. Explanation of the Different Kinds of Divine Visions Enjoyed by the Queen of Heaven and the Effects which They Wrought in Her 476
CHAPTER XV. Description of Another Kind of Visions and Communications, which the Most Holy Mary Enjoyed with the Holy Angels of Her Guard 500
CHAPTER XVI. Continuation of the History of the Most Holy Child Mary in the Temple; the Lord Prepares Her for Troubles, and Joachim, Her Father, Dies 510
CHAPTER XVII. The Princess of Heaven Begins to Suffer Affliction; God Absents Himself From Most Holy Mary: Her Sweet and Amorous Sighs 523
CHAPTER XVIII. Other Afflictions of Our Queen, Some of which were Permitted by the Lord Through the Agency of Creatures and of the Ancient Serpent 531
CHAPTER XIX. The Most High Enlightens the Priest concerning the Spotless Innocence of Most Holy Mary; She Her self is Informed of the Approaching Death of Her Mother, Saint Anne, and is Present at this Event 547
CHAPTER XX. The Most High Manifests Himself to His Beloved Alary, Our Princess, by Conferring on Her an Extraordinary Favor 553
CHAPTER XXI. The Most High Commands the Most Holy Mary to Enter the State of Matrimony and Her Response to this Command 557
CHAPTER XXII. The Espousal of Most Holy Mary with the Most Chaste Saint Joseph 575
CHAPTER XXIII. An Explanation of Chapter Thirty-One of the Proverbs of Solomon, to which the Lord Referred Me Regarding the Life of Most Holy Mary in Matrimony 587
CHAPTER XXIV. The Same Subject Continued : the Rest of the Thirty-first Chapter of the Proverbs is Explained 597

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