Catechism of Pope St. Pius X

Foreword 7
Introduction 8
Preliminary Lesson 10
On Christian Doctrine and its Principal Parts 10
The Apostle’s Creed 11
The Creed in General 11
The First Article of the Creed 12
God the Father Almighty 12
On the Creation 13
The Angels 14
Man 15
The Second Article of the Creed 17
The Third Article of the Creed 19
The Fourth Article of the Creed 20
The Fifth Article of the Creed 22
The Sixth Article of the Creed 22
The Seventh Article of the Creed 23
The Eighth Article of the Creed 24
The Ninth Article of the Creed 25
The Church in General 25
The Church in Particular 26
The Church Teaching and the Church Taught 29
The Pope and the Bishops 31
The Communion of Saints 33
Those Outside the Communion of Saints 34
The Tenth Article of the Creed 35
The Eleventh Article of the Creed 36
The Twelfth Article of the Creed 37
Prayer 37
Prayer in General 37
The Lord’s Prayer 40
The Lord’s Prayer in General 40
The First Petition 41
The Second Petition 42
The Third Petition 42
The Fourth Petition 43
The Fifth Petition 43
The Sixth Petition 44
The Seventh Petition 44
The Hail Mary 45
The Sacraments 47
Nature of the Sacraments 47
The Principal Effect of the Sacraments: Grace 48
The Character Impressed by some of the Sacraments 50
Baptism 50
Nature and Effects of Baptism 50
Minister of Baptism 51
The Rite of Baptism and the Disposition of the Adult who Receives It 51
Necessity of Baptism and Obligations of the Baptized 52
Names and Sponsors 53
Chrism or Confirmation 53
The Blessed Eucharist 55
The Nature of This Sacrament — The Real Presence 55
The Institution and Effects of the Sacrament of the Eucharist 58
The Dispositions necessary to Receive Holy Communion worthily 59
The Way to Go to Communion 61
The Precept of Holy Communion 61
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 62
The Essence, Institution and Ends of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 62
The Way to Assist at Mass 63
The Sacrament of Penance 64
Penance in General 64
The Effects and the Necessity of the Sacrament of Penance and the Dispositions to Receive It Properly 66
Examination of Conscience 67
Sorrow 68
Resolution of Sinning No More 70
The Accusation of Sins to the Confessor 72
How to Make a Good Confession 74
Absolution 75
Satisfaction or Penance 76
Indulgences 78
The Sacrament of Extreme Unction 79
The Sacrament of Holy Orders 80
The Sacrament of Matrimony 82
Nature of the Sacrament of Matrimony 82
Minister — Rite Dispositions 82
Conditions and Impediments 83
On the Commandments of God and of the Church 85
The Commandments of God in General 85
The First Commandment 86
The Second Commandment 89
The Third Commandment 90
The Fourth Commandment 91
The Fifth Commandment 93
The Sixth and Ninth Commandment 94
The Seventh Commandment 95
The Eighth Commandment 97
The Tenth Commandment 98
The Precepts of the Church 99
The Precepts of the Church in General (The current regulations are given after each chapter) 99
The First Precept of the Church 99
The Second Precept of the Church 101
The Third Precept of the Church 103
The Fourth Precept of the Church 104
The Fifth Precept of the Church 104
On the Virtues and Vices 104
Theological Virtues 104
On Faith 105
The Mysteries of Faith 106
On Holy Scripture 106
On Tradition 108
On Hope 108
On Charity 109
On The Cardinal Virtues 110
The Gifts of the Holy Ghost 110
The Beatitudes 111
The Main Kinds of Sins 113
The Vices and other Very Grievous Sins 114

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